Welcome to 2020! We are off to a big start over here at ScopeStack; here are some of the enhancements we are excited about and also some of the noteworthy bug fixes we have rolled out.

๐ŸทLabel Changes! We have worked to standardize a few things throughout the platform...

  • SOWs (in the top menu) are now called Projects: As we have changed the way you generate documents, we realized it makes more sense to think of what was at first just a way to input information to get a Statement of Work (the SOWs menu) as a instead a Projects menu that lets you download multiple types of documents per whole Project, including SOW documents.

  • Components are now called Tasks: We felt this reflected our core service better: we built the platform to scope services, thus the UI should align.ย 

  • Subcomponents are now called Subtasks (everywhere): this is a field that was called a few different things in a few different places due to the evolution of the platform, but is now called Subtasks everywhere. This is the layer below Tasks that may include the incremental steps to accomplish a task.ย 

  • Component Types are now called Task Types: Same logic as above.

So in review...

  • Lines of Business are still the top level of organization.

  • Task Types fall below here and are defined per line of business.

  • Tasks may be assigned to a particular line of business, task type, and Phase (more on this below) and are the primary unit of work. You can create SOW language and assign hours per whole task.ย 

  • Subtasks are the incremental steps to accomplish a Task and are the smallest level of work. You can also create SOW language and assign hours per subtask that is repeated with every instance of a task.ย 

New Features and Functionality

  • ๐Ÿ›  Phases! - In summary, you will now have the ability to define a Phase per Task. In doing so, we will now have the ability to define billing milestones aligned to phase, work-breakdown activities per phase, and soon push this all into ConnectWise Mange Project (PSA)! Learn more about this by clicking here.

  • ๐Ÿ‘ทโ€โ™‚๏ธUI Update to Generate Documents - A more intuitive (read: bigger) generate button. This will also position us to add additional functionality in the future... Exciting stuff here!

  • โš™๏ธUI Update to CSV Importer - This process now mimics the Generate function and makes it easier to visualize what new data has been created

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Deleting Line's of Business now deletes all components with it - added "are you sure" messaging.

  • DocuSign rolled into new Generate UI

  • Date formatting (still working on one Safari related issue here!)

  • CSV Import Mapping

Coming Soon!

  • Change Tracking Activities Log on a Project

  • SoW Workflow Approval Enhancements

  • Import WBS into CW Manage Project

  • Updates to how user roles are implementedย 

Also, if you haven't already, please take a minute to give us your feedback:

Thank you for your continue support and please do not hesitate to reach out with any requests for enhancements and updates.

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