We have been hard at work over the past month, adding some exciting new features to the platform, as well as making the platform faster and more reliable. Check it out 👇, and thanks for being a part of the ScopeStack family!

🆕New Features and Functionality

  • 💸Payment Term Enhancements: We have done a lot of work here over the past month! You may now...

  1. Define different Payment Term options as Fixed Fee, T&M, and Other: You can control language in the document from this distinction.

  2. Generate a Milestone payment schedule aligned to Phases: You can select which phases you want to invoice at, and cumulatively bill work done to that point and between any two phases!

  3. Show a Balance Due: If your payment schedule doesn't bill the entire amount, a balance due will appear at the end.

  • 🚕Assign Expenses to a Project's Phase: Helpful for Phase-based Milestone Billing. If you are using a payment term that includes expenses in the price, you will now see those expenses in the Project pricing on the platform.

  • 🎩Only include a language field if you want to! We have added conditional logic around showing language fields. Don't have any Assumptions in the project? You can now hide the whole section.

  • 🔢Auto Project Versioning at Approval: When you submit a project for approval, it will automatically create a new version of the project. You can use this even if Project Approvals is not setup. You can even insert that version number into the document using =current_version.name

  • ⏱Fixed-Time Governance Items: You can now crease a fixed time governance item in the Settings menu to be added to every project! (Previously, you could only create "percentage of LOE" items, but sometimes a thing just takes the amount of time it's going to take.)

🕷Notable Bug Fixes

  • 🧮Price Adjustments and Payment Schedules: Schedules in Payment Terms now reflect price adjustments proportionally to level of effort! Here's to all the numbers adding up 🥂!

  • 🙅🏻‍♂️ Project Management: You can now delete approved projects (sometimes you just need to move on with your life, you know?)

  • 🦘Task Building: Some users were experience jumping subtasks that skipped around just for fun! We knocked them back into submission.

  • ✅Won/Lost Project Issues: You can now create Blueprints, Push to CRM, and Rescope projects even after you mark a project as won or lost. In case you want to capture that lost project forever.

  • 🧾Versioning: Restoring a version of a project restores any updated resource rates!

  • 🗃CSV Exporting: When you export all tasks from a task type or line of business, it does not include deleted tasks (you never have to see them again!)

🔮 Coming Soon!

  • A-linear Scaling: We are working to make it easier for you to build price breaks into projects based on quantities! Have feedback? Let us know!

  • ❓Custom Project Input: We are going to make scoping your first project easier and faster.

  • 🔒Control Document Generation via Approvals: Now that we have a better approval flow, if you want to lock down document generation to approved documents, you will be able to with this update!

  • 🛠More Integrations and Open API: We know you wan to see our data. We making some backend changes to make this possible!

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